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New York City officials detail New Year's Eve in Times Square security plan

NYPD says they're prepared for possible New Year's Eve protests
NYPD says they're prepared for possible New Year's Eve protests 03:16

NEW YORK -- The NYPD and FBI are preparing to secure Times Square for the hundreds of thousands of visitors expected at Sunday's New Year's Eve celebration. 

Police will set up a perimeter from Sixth Avenue to Eighth and from 41st Street to 57th. Officers will check people entering the zone, in part to make sure they're not bringing backpacks, duffel bags or alcohol.

The NYPD is also preparing for protests like the one near the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting in November. Since Oct. 7, the NYPD has policed an average of more than five protests per day related to the Israel-Hamas war.

"There's a protest every day in New York City, so there's certainly going to be a protest on New Year's Eve," said NYPD Intelligence Division Commanding Officer John Hart.

"Those who want to peacefully protest, they have the right to do so. But you're not going to do it at the expense of disrupting those who are coming here to peacefully bring in the new year," said Mayor Eric Adams

Police have been dealing with more protests than usual this year. There have been more than 450 protests in New York City since the start of the Israel-Hamas war.

"We're prepared for them at any number. We're prepared for different groups from different places, and we will make sure this event stays safe and peaceful," Hart said.

Watch: NYPD details security plans for New Year's Eve in Times Square 17:50

The FBI said it received an influx of tips about potential threats since the Oct. 7 Hamas attack, but investigators said there were no credible threats to New York City

On New Year's Eve, agents at the FBI's New York office will be watching cameras for any potential dangers. 

"There's been thousands more threats being reported. So that means we have even more threats that we have to look at, so we adjust to that. We bring in other resources to track down or to investigate these threats to see if they're legitimate," said James Smith, assistant agent in charge at the FBI's New York office. 

Adams said the NYPD reviewed the response to last year's machete attack on two officers near Times Square to make sure police are prepared for anything. 

"We're going to make sure we continue to be laser-focused, not to be distracted when you have a threat of that magnitude," said Adams. 

In addition to the thousands of officers who will be out and about, police are also planning on watching from above using drones. 

The NYPD said the Counterterrorism Bureau will be monitoring for potential dangers and that people can expect to have a safe, fun night. 

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