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Times Square hacking video was viral trailer for film "Limitless"

(CBS) - The answer of fake or real to a viral video showing a man hacking video billboards in Times Square has been answered. Drum roll, please... and the answer is... FAKE!

The above video released by the person who posted the original explains how he was able to hack those billboards. In the description the author writes:

"Here is how I did: I took NZT. It's a pill that allows me to use 100% of my brain. It enabled me to create this revolutionary transmitter & repeater. One pill a day and you are limitless :)"

NZT is the name of the pill used in the upcoming movie that gives limitless brain power. And of course the use of the term "Limitless" along with that little factoid just seals the deal in terms of the answer.

So it looks like I won't be projecting myself on huge billboards anytime soon after all to all my adoring fans. I say no to drugs.

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