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Time To Get Off

A man on a record-breaking rollercoaster ride that began in June finally decided it was time to get off Monday.

Richard Rodriguez rode a coaster in Blackpool, England, for more than 1,000 hours. He beat his own rollercoaster riding record: A total of 600 hours, 500 rides a day over four continuous weeks on the Britain's Big Dipper. The 39-year-old Miami teacher had been riding around the clock since June 18.

"I love wooden roller coasters," he told CBS 'This Morning' Field Anchor Jose Diaz-Balart shortly after his ride ended. "I love amusement parks. I thought why not combine my love for coasters and marathoning and see England in a unique way."

He had been allowed a five-minute break every hour, but Rodriguez says he stored them up to allow time for breakfast and a shower, and another break in the evenings for dinner. During business hours, he shared his rollercoaster with others out for a day of fun at the amusement park. At night, he would bed down in a padded car and try to get some rest.

It was a rival across the Atlantic that kept Rodriguez on the coaster long after he broke his own record. Norman Saint Pierre had been riding a roller coaster in Quebec, Canada. He started his attempt two days after Rodriguez but failed to break the new record.

Brits have been spending vacation by the sea in Blackpool for generations. But this rivalry - indeed, the whole idea of spending weeks of your life going around in circles - is perplexing to those who think once around on a roller coaster is more than enough.

Now that Rodriguez has finally gotten off, he can take a few minutes to explain himself. "I just want to get out and celebrate with the operations crew and all the people who came out to support me—have a drink," he said.

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