Tiger Woods

Is Tiger back? Or, is that championship form and frame of mind that earned him some $100 million in prize money and 14 golf majors gone forever?

When I last checked, Tiger had 2,627,107 "likes" on Facebook and I admit that I am one of them. Of course, Tiger is probably lucky there's no "dislike" button on Facebook, ever since that Thanksgiving night in 2009 when his marriage, reputation and golf game all went south. In a big way.

The first time I watched Tiger play was in 1996 when he wrapped up his third straight U.S. Amateur Championship, at the age of 20. There was so much "buzz" around this kid. Everyone was sure he would be the next Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus, or maybe both.

He turned pro that year and went on to win his first major, The Masters, the following spring. Just 21, Tiger was the youngest ever to win that tournament.

He quickly took over not just golf but the whole world it seemed. His endorsement deals and golf winnings put him on the path to become a billionaire. The years rolled along and Tiger racked up dozens of tournament wins and 13 more majors. It seemed inevitable he would smash Jack Nicklaus' record of 18.

But it all unraveled. Tiger was not the perfect person a lot of people thought he was. Call him a serial cheater, call him worse. He got divorced, took some time off from golf, recovered from some physical (and maybe mental) injuries, and then got back to the sport he once owned. But it wasn't until this summer that Tiger, now 36, seemed to have his real game back.

Take a look at Tiger in his younger days, interviewed by the great Ed Bradley, in 2006. Tell us what you think of Tiger. Like him? Hate him? Root for him, or against him?