Syrians flee into Turkey, hoping U.S. will soon beat back ISIS

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GAZIANTEP, Turkey -- CBS News found Leyla Rasul sitting in the dust grieving for her home, and her village - both now captured by ISIS.

She ran for her life on Saturday with all the belongings she could carry, and she's now safe in Turkey.

But like 150,000 other Syrians who have streamed across this border over the last week - she has nowhere to go.

And Leyla told CBS News she wants the U.S. to help.

"I just want the Americans to defeat ISIS, to push them out," Rasul said. "So that we can go back home."

The U.S. was determined to stay out of Syria's bloody civil war, already in its fourth year.

But now America has now been drawn into the conflict by ISIS militants and their violent form of Islamic rule.

The U.S.-led strikes against ISIS are limited. And Syrians who are suffering at the hands of Islamic extremists want America to do much more.

Syrian refugees in Turkey CBS

A blacksmith from the town of Kobani named Khalil Gazi brought his family to Turkey two days ago.

Wednesday, along with hundreds of other Syrian men, he lined up at the border to go back and fight against ISIS.

"They're not humans, they're killers," Gazi told CBS News. "Come and bomb them Obama, and God bless you."

The U.S. led airstrikes have so far failed to stop the advance of ISIS, they targeted places like barracks and storage and training facilities.

Actually flushing ISIS militants out of the towns they've occupied may be impossible because the risk of civilian casualties is very high.