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Thompson: Foreign Affairs Knowledge Is Important

From CBS News' John Bentley:

FORT MADISON, IOWA -- Could Huckabee's lack of foreign policy experience be hurting him in Iowa? It made the difference tonight for at least one voter at a Fred Thompson event in Fort Madison.

"I was a Huckabee supporter until about a week ago," said Brian Wright, a Fort Madison resident. "And then I heard his comment about Pakistan today."

Wright asked Thompson a question about the political implications of the Benazir Bhutto assassination and how it will affect the presidential race, saying that he once supported "another candidate" but was now considering Thompson.

"I have no idea of the political implications of that question," Thompson said during the customary question and answer session after his stump speech. He went to add that knowledge of international affairs, however, is crucial. "We shouldn't have to wait until some disaster happens – either at home or abroad – to be reminded of how important this is," he said.

"I do know what the ramifications of having a president who doesn't understand the nature of the world that we live in are, and that would be a dangerous situation."

With the latest poll out of Iowa showing Huckabee leading Thompson by over 20 points, the former Tennessee senator could use every voter he can get.

"Knowing that Senator Fred Thompson has foreign policy experience with the world leaders, I believe he's the best choice," said Wright, adding that Huckabee turning Bhutto's assassination into an immigration issue "turned me away from him."

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