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Correspondent David Pogue and his neighbor Julie Beitman try out her homemade face masks, created in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

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Last Updated Mar 22, 2020 1:24 PM EDT

Guest Host: Lee Cowan in Los Angeles


Coronavirus and flattening the curve: "This is no time to be selfish" | Watch Video
Dr. Jon LaPook on the part we must all play to reduce our exposure to the virus and minimize its spread to others.

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Coronavirus and the contagion of fear | Watch Video
While stress and anxiety can drive us to take healthy precautions in trying circumstances (like a pandemic), our irrational fear can become dangerous when it goes off the rails. David Pogue talks to psychologists and researchers about how emotion, in contrast to facts, can steer our response to danger and the unknown.

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Correspondent Seth Doane at his Rome apartment being tested for COVID-19.  CBS News

CORONAVIRUS: CBS News' Seth Doane, diagnosed with COVID-19, on living under quarantine | Watch Video
CBS News foreign correspondent Seth Doane is currently under quarantine at his home in Rome after being diagnosed with COVID-19. He speaks about how life has drastically changed in a country hard-hit by the virus, and how he and others struggle to maintain normalcy in an abnormal time. 

New York City's famed Katz's Delicatessen has been open for 132 years; right now, the coronavirus pandemic means service is take-out only. CBS News

FINANCE: The economic fallout of coronavirus | Watch Video
As the global economy enters an unprecedented shutdown during the coronavirus outbreak, CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger talks with Nobel Prize-winning economics expert Joseph Stiglitz; Michael Goodman, president of the investment management firm Wealthstream Advisors; and Jake Dell,  owner of New York City's venerable Katz's Delicatessen, about weathering the economic storm. She also talks with improv actor Ed Herbstman, whose Magnet Theater – shuttered by the pandemic – is now being forced to improvise.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Coronavirus economics: Should you tap your 401(k) right now?
The COVID-19 pandemic has created tremendous economic uncertainty. CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger talks with Michael Goodman, president of the investment management firm Wealthstream Advisors, about how people should strategize when considering dipping into their retirement savings.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: How the coronavirus pandemic exposed deficiencies in our economy
CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger talks with Nobel Prize-winning Columbia University professor Joseph Sitglitz about how efficiencies in our economy, aimed at increasing short-term profit, have made us more vulnerable in the crisis we face today with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Kenny Rogers (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers singer Kenny Rogers ("The Gambler"), who died Friday at age 81.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Kenny Rogers profiled by Russ Mitchell on "Sunday Morning" (9/3/2006)

Founded in the 1730s, New York City's Bellevue is America's oldest public hospital. CBS News

HISTORY: Bellevue, the storied history of America's oldest public hospital | Watch Video
The New York City medical institution became renowned for turning no one away, and for treating the worst of cases with the best of care. Mo Rocca reports.

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Anya Taylor-Joy in "Emma," the latest adaptation of Jane Austen's classic novel, now available on demand.  Focus Features

LIFE UNDER QUARANTINE: Movies as an escape from pandemic | Watch Video
Critic David Edelstein on the new streaming reality for the forcibly homebound, offering opportunities to see the world more deeply as we practice social-distancing.

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Doctors and epidemiologists predict that hospitals in the U.S. will soon be overwhelmed by cases of coronavirus.  CBS News

Physicians and bioethicists on a pressing question: Who lives, and who dies? | Watch Video
As COVID-19 cases increase, hospitals are preparing for a situation in which the number of patients needing ventilators exceeds their actual number of ventilators. Senior Contributor Ted Koppel looks at the agonizing life-and-death choices hospitals may be facing.

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Comedian Jim Gaffigan has been stocking up his pantry for a life in lockdown. CBS News

COMMENTARY: Jim Gaffigan on family life under lockdown | Watch Video
The comedian, who has been in quarantine with his wife and five children, on the new normal.

Watch "Dinner With the Gaffigans" on Jim Gaffigan's YouTube channel!

Dinner/ Happy Chili with the Gaffigans (March 21st 2020) - Jim Gaffigan #stayhome #withme by jimgaffigan on YouTube

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Alicia Keys on her struggle to know herself | Watch Video
Alicia Keys might be the reigning queen of cool. But in the past few years, even as she was rocketing to new heights of fame, the private Alicia Keys was struggling with profound doubts about what she was doing, why she was doing it, and even who she was. Now, the multiple Grammy-winner has paused for a little self-reflection in a new book ("More Myself: A Journey") and a new album ("Alicia"), which she discusses with correspondent Tracy Smith. 

WEB EXTRA: Alicia Keys: In life we don't get what we ask for (VIDEO)
Singer Alicia Keys reads an excerpt from her upcoming audio book of "More Myself: A Journey" (coming March 31), in which she talks of self-actualization and self-doubt. 

To watch Alicia Keys perform "Underdog," from her upcoming album "Alicia," click on the video player below: 

Alicia Keys - Underdog (Official Video) by aliciakeysVEVO on YouTube

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Spaghetti & Meatballs with Ricotta from chef Bobby Flay. CBS News

LIFE UNDER QUARANTINE: Chef Bobby Flay on food as a retreat | Watch Video
Chef, restaurateur and Food Network star Bobby Flay on the fallout from coronavirus on the food service industry, and how preparing comfort food becomes a familiar retreat in unsettling times.

RECIPES: Comfort food for discomfiting times
Bobby Flay offers his recipes for Spaghetti & Meatballs with Ricotta, Chicken Soup, and Chicken Salad.

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No, the world is not ending | Watch Video
Thoughts from Lee Cowan on what changes have been brought to our lives by the coronavirus outbreak, and how social distancing may actually bring us closer together.

Cherry blossoms (Video)
"Sunday Morning" visits the nation's capital for a view of blossoming cherry trees, a hopeful sign of spring. Videographer: Danny Farkas.


 Allowing nature to tend to our souls
"Sunday Morning" contributing videographer Judy Lehmberg offers a break from the virus.


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