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This tech-savvy baby can't figure out how a magazine works

(CBS) - So okay, the baby in this YouTube video didn't actually say, "a magazine is an iPad that does not work" (as stated on its headline), but she might as well have. 

From watching this clip, it's apparent that tech-savvy infants and toddlers (as in, those who have had plenty of experience with iPads and iPhones) will not know how to - uhhh - flip a page in a magazine (you know, in the literal sense).

I'm not surprised. With more and more kids using Apple products and the like, the "flip" has taken a whole new meaning. Instead of turning the page in a magazine or book, "flipping" is now also known as the act of skipping to the next digital app, page or photo on a gadget.

I've often wondered if my six-year-old nephew, who has an iPod Touch among many other gadgets, will know how to tell time the old-fashioned way. He uses digital clocks.

Even though this video is so freakin' cute, I  have to be honest, as a lover of magazines and books (made out of paper), it makes me a little sad.

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