This is what happens when grandparents get webcams


(CBS) - Here's three minutes of pure old-people cuteness as this older couple plays around with their webcam.

The older gentleman initially plays with his face. "Look, I'm a monkey," he says. Then, he breaks out in song after he yawns. "Hello, my darling. Hello, my baby..."

It gets cuter.

Bored, he proceeds to act. "I can do Mrs. Doubtfire," he says. Then, yawns again.

He does all of this while the woman by his side attempts to figure out how to take a picture or video - we're not really sure. "I did it before by accident," says the lady.

Completely random, he compliments her. "See how pretty your hair is," he tells her before getting a little schnasty on us.

Then, he points out the lines on her forehead. (Scandal averted.)

We'd like to tell you that this is a success story, but judging by this YouTube clip, we don't think the pair ever figures out how to use their webcam. "You'll learn, you'll learn, it'll take time," he tells her. Little did they know, they were shooting the whole time.

Still, they're very cute.

  • Ysolt Usigan

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