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USA! 6-ton robot issues international fight challenge

It could be the international robot battle to end all international robot battles. Or the start of a global robot rumble. Think the movie "Pacific Rim," but real. And with paintballs.

An American company wants its giant, 6-ton, gun-toting robot Mk. II to fight one of similar size in Japan. In a YouTube video challenge replete with plenty of patriotic music, two guys from the company Megabots Inc. challenge Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industries, creator of the Kuratas giant robot, to a showdown.

"Suidobashi, we have a giant robot. You have a giant robot. You know what needs to happen," Megabots Matt Oherlein, wearing an American flag as a cape, tells the camera. "We challenge you to a duel. Prepare yourselves and name the battlefield. In one year, we fight."

If this battle comes to be, there should be plenty of fireworks.

This is an image of Kuratas, a giant robot built by Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industries. Suidobashi Heavy Industries

The company describes Mk. II as "12,000 pounds of gasoline fury." It comes equipped with a huge paint gun that fires 3-pound paint canon balls at speeds of 100 miles an hour. Parts of the video show the robot blasting away at several abandoned cars and blowing out the windows with its paint balls.

In the other corner, Kuratas will be no push over. A 9,000-pound glistening hunk of steel, this robot features twin Gatling guns and a hyper-advanced targeting system.

So far, Oherlein told CBS News that he hasn't heard from Suidobashi about whether it will take up the challenge. Then again, the video only was posted this week, so there is still plenty of time to set a date for this clash of giant robots.

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