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This Black Friday

This column was written by CBS News Early Show Co-Anchor Harry Smith.
Well it's that day again, the day retailers hope their red ink turns to black. Sales and discounts galore have been offered in hopes of luring consumers to buy, buy, buy today.

There were picture crowds lined up in the wee hours, hoping to snatch up some real bargains.

But the buy, buy, buy mantra of the last few decades doesn't provide the comfort and joy it did in the past.

Americans with their shrinking 401ks and collapsing home values are feeling less like giving and more like saving.

A toy expert I spoke with told me parents will still find the money to get their children something even if it means getting themselves nothing.

So perhaps there is one segment of the marketplace that might weather this economic storm.

Already we are hearing about the next wave of bad news; Malls and even hotels falling into foreclosure.

The Grinch is going to rule this Christmas; buy, buy, buy has been replaced by bah humbug.