Things To Do Before You Die

Life is definitely not passing Phil Keoghan by. As the host of the hit reality series "The Amazing Race," he rarely knows where he'll be next, and that's just fine with him as he gets ready to launch the fifth race around the world.

Keoghan is also preparing to make dreams come true in a new reality show called "NOW," an acronym for "No Opportunity Wasted."

The new show has its genesis in something that happened to Keoghan when he was 19 years old, beginning his TV career in New Zealand.

He says, "I was shooting an adventure show and ended up getting stuck in a shipwreck. I was young and stupid and found myself in a shipwreck and didn't know how to get my way out. I guess it was the first time in my life that I realized I could die. And I came out and the first thing I did was, I was so scared to live, if you like seeing death, that I sat down and wrote this list of things to do before I died.

And the first thing on his list was to go back into the shipwreck. He says, "It was like falling off the horse and going back again. And that list became a career for me."

So "NOW" dares people to live out their dreams on national television. Keoghan says it is a call to action for people to sit down and write their own list. Keoghan is creator, host and executive producer of The Discovery Channel reality show.

"We're not paying for people's dreams and not making them happen for them," Keogan explains to co-anchor Hannah Storm. "You come up with the idea and now I'm going to walk into your life and say, Hannah, you got 72 hours. Here is a packed bag and $3,000."

The show is set to premiere in October of next year. To participate, dreamers must submit an application available at from now through the end of the year.

Other things in Keoghan's list were renewing his vows underwater and floating on the Dead Sea.

Keoghan is also getting ready for the fifth installment of the Emmy winning show, "The Amazing Race," which beat out "Survivor" and "American Idol" in the ratings race.

About Phil Keoghan:
Phil Keoghan's life has been full of travel and adventure. He started traveling at the age of 2 with his parents and has been wandering around the world ever since. He has worked in more than 50 countries around the world as a television host, producer, writer, actor, and cameraman on more than 1,000 program episodes.

Keoghan hosted "Go For It," an adventure series for the Discovery Channel; "After Breakfast," a celebrity-based morning show for the FOX Network; "The Big Byte," an internationally distributed technology series; the 1998 Film Festival Awards for the Sundance Channel "The Best of Both Worlds," a travel pilot for The New York Times; and "Surprise, Surprise," a prime-time CBS special.

As a producer he co-created and co-produced a number of original series including: "Keoghan's Heroes," a network show profiling famous thrill seekers around the world; "The Human Edge," a new technology series for National Geographic; and "Phil Keoghan's Adventure Crazy," one of Travel Channel's highest rated series, which is currently airing in primetime around the world on Discovery.

He also hosts "The Amazing Race," which is in production for series five and is being produced for CBS by Bertram van Munster and Jerry Bruckheimer.

He's also developing "Notes From The Field," with the Wildlife Conservation Society.