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The Y2K Song

Musician Loudon Wainwright III always has something original to say, as illustrated by his new CD Social Studies, featuring the song "Y2K." He performed at CBS News Saturday Morning's 2nd Cup Café exactly five months before Y2K eve bearing this musical warning:
    No it ain't a virus it's just a little glitch
    It wasn't done by some crazy hackin' son of a bitch
    And Sadaam didn't do it, can't blame him
    No it's the geek with the glasses and the stupid silly grin
    Billionaire Bill that's the one you can hate
    If you want to blame someone blame Bill Gates
    Bill Gates
    Bill Gates

    (From "Y2K," words by Loudon Wainwright III.)

Wainwright told Saturday Morning's Russ Mitchell he recorded the song "to alert people to the Y2K problem and to cash in on the paranoia."

He doesn't own a computer himself, so he believes he has nothing that will break on New Year's Eve. For the rest of us, his song predicts we are "headed for troubleÂ…"

    You better get ready, be very afraid
    Because your money's no good and you'll never get paid
    And the car won't start and the phone won't work
    And the juice won't squeeze and the coffee won't perk
    No more decaf latte, baby...

Click here for the lyrics to the Y2K song.

Known for his musical wit and his 1973 top 20 hit "Dead Skunk," Wainwright is also an actor, and at one point was David Letterman's sidekick back when Letterman briefly had a daytime show.

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