The Women Are Lining Up

Dave Price
Dave Price, The Early Show's popular weatherman and feature reporter, is a self-professed news junkie. So it's something of a surprise that only 5 percent of the women who want to date him describe themselves that way.

In fact, a full 20 percent of the women seeking a date with Dave say they don't watch TV and another 5 percent answered, "TV? What's that?"

"That would be a problem," Dave says. "I am a news junkie. I love the news.
I love the news business."

This well-traveled newscaster has won Emmys for broadcasting everything from heavy rain to heated politics. He even was voted one of People magazine's most eligible bachelors.

So if you are single and follow the news, why not take a chance on getting a date with Dave? Go to's "Dave" page and file your own profile; you may end up getting a date with Dave and tickets to the "Cupid" finale in Los Angeles.

So far, experts have gathered information about the women who created profiles to date Dave. Below are some fun facts about the women who want a date with Dave:

  • 71 percent do not have children
  • 48 percent have never been married
  • 85 percent do not smoke
  • Most are more likely to have a cat than a dog
  • Most dislike body piercing, long hair and tattoos on the men they date
  • Most describe their eyes as their best feature, followed by their legs and lips
  • Most like flirting, dancing and candlelight dinners
  • The majority are most likely to define their sense of humor as "clever"
  • And while the average woman on describes a perfect date as : Intimate - Sensual stroll along the beach, the sunset reflected in our eyes as we hold hands and enjoy the tide
  • Women who have created profiles to date Dave are most likely to describe their perfect date as: Hilarious - Uncontrollable laughter leading into embarrassingly loud snorting!

Dave already filled out his personality test. He got help from relationship expert, Dennie Hughes.

She says, "Dave is a nice guy."

And New Yorkers agree: "Dave Price, the best," says a man on the street.
As for Dave, he says, "Hopefully, like lot of other people, I just haven't found the right person yet. I have no time for anything. Don't even have time to meet people."

Hughes notes, "The reason so many people date online is what they're trying to do is broaden their dating horizons."

"Do I feel weird about online dating? Yeah," Dave says, "I'm part of that last generation that's not too comfortable all the time with computers."

Hughes predicts he is going to be surprised. "There are a lot of people looking for a guy like him."

To do his profile, she asks him to click on a word that he or his friends might use to describe him.

And after completing the test, Dave says, "I just want to come across as a normal guy."

And the results were pleasing to Hughes. Commenting on it, she says, "It's nice to know right off the bat who you are. Says you're a real man. You're down to earth. You are a little bit more of a romantic than men in your age range."

Dave says, "I would still like to think I'm the Phil Donahue of all time." So what is he looking for in a woman?

Hughes says, "You want a commitment. Do you feel that's true?" Dave quips, "I can't commit to an answer." So cutting to the chase, he asks again, "What am I looking for in a woman?"

Hughes answers, "Twenty-eight percent say that they are very attracted to your personality type."

That triggered Dave to reveal - in a stream-of-consciousness reply - his heart's desire:

"Do they live in this state? Someone who's nice, funny, smart, beautiful, great family, great friends, really hot. No. Let me rephrase."

Well actually, his test revealed he kind of likes a slightly neurotic woman, Hughes jokes.

"I do," Dave asserts.

In all seriousness, Hughes says, "He was very honest. I thought there was a lot of gut instinct going on here. You're going to do very well. Got a good job, loves his dog. What's not to like? Technically, you've got a ton of women after you. You're just a little bit pickier."

Her assessment? "Eighty percent of women like the type that Dave is. So Dave shouldn't have a problem with the dating scene."

In addition to trying to get a date with Dave, did you know you can also try to date the "Cupid" bachelors? Visit the Cupid site to get a entry for dates with the castoff bachelors each week.