​The tenacious Diane Warren and Lady Gaga

She's been called the "song whisperer." "I love that," she said, "'cause I think I am. You know, I think when I meet with an artist, I kind of can feel it. You know, I feel what that right song is."

Even when the artists doesn't. Cher had no time for what would become one of her signature songs, "If I Could Turn Back Time."

"Cher hated it, hated the song," said Warren. "I got on my knees and held her leg, and I go, 'I will not let go of your leg until you say you will try this song.' She goes, 'F you, Diane.' You know, when I believe in something, I can't stop, 'cause I don't know how to stop."

Warren doesn't seem to mind that Lady Gaga turned out to be just as tenacious.

Singer-songwriter Lady Gaga. CBS News

"I'm always trying to make people uncomfortable," Gaga said, "and take them out of the comfort zone of what they create, and try to encourage them to change their process to see what will happen when you are doing something that you don't expect of yourself. And that's, I think, what made this song great in the end, is there's like a chaos, but a resolve. And that's us. Chaos (Gaga) and resolve (Warren)."

Gaga added of Warren, "She's just insane ... ly talented!"

And that crazy talent is what has made Diane Warren such a force in music without ever singing a note.

She explained: "It's always gonna be about one thing: the song. Guess what? It comes down to the song and always will."

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