The Spirit Of Summer

If you want to get your feet moving, here are a few special events where music with an irresistible beat will be provided. Below are links to databases of arts events of all kinds around the U.S. this summer and beyond.

Let's Dancecolor>

Saturday, Aug. 5 is "Playday" at New York City's Lincoln Center. You can dance with the pros from Mexico, Korea and Africa. Or, bring your own drums to join the Reginald Yates Drummers. Or bring your own baton and follow the Hungry March Band.

On Aug. 26-27 in San Jose, California, there's an Afribbean Festival at Guadalupe River Park. Local deejays will spin the best in soca, calypso, reggae, salsa, punta, zouk, soukous and samba for you. It's one of a series of Afribbean Festival events around the U.S. this summer. For more on the events in San Jose and elsewhere, see the Afribbean site.

At The Seattle Center on Aug. 20, BrasilFest2000 promises a sultry celebration of South American soul, Brazilian style, with workshops in music and dance as well as performances, food and exhibits.

Music And Morecolor>

These Web sites can help you find arts events of every description around the U.S. and around the world. lists events by state. lets users search by genre or performer. lists community and cultural celebrations worldwide. lists events throughout North America, Europe and Australia. has a database of arts events in 1,500 cities.