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The Smithsonian Research Guide

Whether you're a book report maven or a PhD candidate, our Smithsonian Research Guide has the tools you need to get the job done.

SIRIS: The Smithsonian Institution Research Information System
A search engine with access to the catalogs of all 18 of the Smithsonian's libraries.

The Encyclopedia Smithsonian
Drawn from the exhibits of the Smithsonian's museums, the Encyclopedia is a mix of arts and sciences information alphabetized by topic.

Smithsonian Photographs Online
Search a database of over 1,000 downloadable photos and an archive of photo essays on Washington events.

National Portrait Gallery Collections Search
Peruse the research records of the National Portrait Gallery and the Catalog of American Portraits.

National Zoo Photo Library
An online encyclopedia of zoological facts and full color photos of the animals in the National Zoo.

Graphics courtesy of the Smithsonian

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