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The Run For 70 - Chasing 70 HRs

CBS: The Run for 70

Sammy Sosa                         AP

Mark McGwire                        AP

1998 was an amazing season in Major League Baseball with both Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa breaking Roger Maris' 37-year-old home run record of 61 home runs set in 1961. Many thought it would never be broken, but it was... not by one man... but by two. McGwire finished the year in style with two homers on the final day of the season to end the year with 70. Meanwhile, Sosa fell just short of McGwire but finished with an astounding 66 HRs.

Just one year later McGwire and Sosa took another run at 'The Record' but this time they fell short. McGwire won the 1999 home run race with 65 HRs while Sosa finished two back with 63. Don't worry because it's just seven months before opening day and another "Run For 70".

MLB Record 70

McGwire 65

Sosa 63

Current home runs for McGwire and Sosa in red.
McGwire's 1998 home run tally through as many games in red.

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