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The president's job rating: Who approves, and who doesn't?

CBS News poll
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Here's a closer look into what this week's CBS News poll tells us about the kinds of groups who are happy with the president's job performance and those who aren't.

After five months in office, much of the president's base is behind him. While the latest CBS News Poll shows the his approval rating slipping a bit among Republicans, most (72 percent) still like the overall job he is doing.  Majorities of conservatives and evangelicals also approve. Mr. Trump's approval rating among those who call themselves very conservative is 77 percent.


A gender divide remains: as they have from the start of his presidency, men are more likely than women to approve of the job Mr. Trump is doing. Only 27 percent of women now approve.

White Americans overall continue to give the president higher marks than minorities do. But there has been a drop-off in support for Mr. Trump among white women: 31 percent now approve of his job performance, down from 46 percent in April. White men, however, remain behind President Trump.

Whites without a college degree are now more divided in their assessments of the president than they were at the 100-day mark. Forty-four percent approve of the job he's doing, down from 51 percent in April (still more positive than the marks the President gets from the public overall). Views among whites with a college degree remain more negative.

It should be noted that margin of error for many of these subgroups may be higher than for the total sample.


Those not yet on board -- younger Americans, African Americans and liberals continue to disapprove of the President's job performance in large numbers. These groups are generally more favorable toward Democratic than Republican presidents, but their ratings of President Trump are more negative than those Republican George W. Bush received at a similar point in his presidency. 

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