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The Power Of Wind

Our energy sources, they are a changin'. With apologies to Bob Dylan, it's absolutely true. Alternative ideas abound from solar to biomass to nuclear to wind and more. But which is best for the environment AND the most practical? Earlier this week, the CBS Evening News featured a story about solar options, Katie Couric did an interview with tycoon T. Boone Pickens about his porposed wind "farm," and tonight on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric I'll have a story about some of the hidden complications and promises with wind power.

(Jerry Tuttle)
We traveled to the town of Sweetwater, TX, and even climbed up inside a massive wind turbine to see firsthand what's happening in that state -- now the country's biggest user/generator of wind energy. I hope you'll tune in.

Also, tomorrow (Friday) is the much-heralded launch of the iPhone 3G (faster network, GPS, new apps, etc.). It officially goes on sale at 8a, though if you live in New Zealand or Australia you may already own one. Sure, there's been plenty of over-hype, complaints by people in places like Canada about steep prices for the accompanying phone/data plan, and who knows exactly how many existing iPhone owners are willing to fork out $200+ for a new one just a little more than a year later. But like it or not, the iPhone has been woven into the fabric of our popular culture. It's spawned competitors like the Voyager, Tilt, and Instinct, and according to Apple there are 6 million of them sold worldwide -- so far. I'll be live on the Early Show bright and early with the folks who decided to stand in line to get one first. (Word to the wise: Apple didn't run out of iPhones last time, so you could just show up anytime after 8a and get yours -- no line needed.)

And finally, I know many of us (me included) get swept up in the latest and greatest, but remember to recycle or re-use that "old" phone (iPhone or otherwise) when getting a new one. In the meantime, stay connected!

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