​The Piano Guys strike a chord

The Piano Guys are playing all the right keys... 07:53

They have a sense of humor about it all. They joke they don't collect wives, they collect children. They have 16 among the four of them.

"I smile a lot in my videos," said Nelson, "and people ask me why I do, and it's because of them. It's my wife and my kids, I'm thinking about them, and how much I love them and how much they do for me. And so no matter where I go, and how amazing the world is out there, it's never as amazing as inside the home."

That's why when Sony Music came calling with a big recording contract, these four dads were at first more worried than excited.

"We were just like, 'No, thank you,'" said Schmidt.

"We said 'no' six or seven times," said Nelson.

They wanted to make it, but not at the expense of their personal lives. Sony compromised, agreeing to distribute their music worldwide and letting them work their tours around their faith's and family's schedules.

"There is an understanding that family will always come first," said Nelson. "We're dads first and foremost, and that's been a very important thing for us, and it's kept us alive, it's kept us inspired, and kept us doing what we're doing."

Schmidt added that it makes their music better: "It makes your performance better. You just feel like everything's in balance. It's good."

Cowan was amazed at what they can accomplish in that small basement studio.

"We're just basically just trying to get all the different kind of sounds, different kinds of textures, and then we'll just kind of piece it all together," said van der Beek.

Nelson has some 20 cellos, and he can make each one sound like just about anything.

Cowan watched as he laid down a buzzing sound, then something that sounded like a seagull. Then a bang.

Mix in a few steel brushes and a little hand rubbing ("Yeah, that's cool"), and topping it all off: Schmidt's signature touch on the piano.

They are painfully aware the Internet is fickle, which is why they say they trust not just in their talents but in something larger.

Cowan asked, "How far do you think this can go?"

"I think it can go for a long time," said Anderson.

For now, The Piano Guys are on a roll, creating that wonderful sound amidst Nature's wonders.

Nelson said, "If the good ideas keep coming, all of the good ideas are God's and we'll just rely on that. And if they don't, then there's something else for us."

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