"The Other Woman" stars on becoming friends in real life

Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton are friends in real life and in they're latest comedy, "The Other Woman."

They're at odds with one another, though, at the beginning of the new film, from director Nick Cassavetes ("The Notebook").

Diaz plays a lawyer in a relationship with a man ("Game of Thrones" star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) who turns out to secretly have a wife (Mann). Eventually, Diaz and the wife team up with the husband's other mistress (Upton) to get the ultimate revenge on the two-timer.

Nicki Minaj also stars, making her big-screen debut.

On the London red carpet earlier this month, the three leads revealed that they have all bonded off-camera.

"We really became very close friends," Mann said when asked about her real-life relationship with Diaz and Upton.

"They're such great women," Diaz said of her two co-stars.

Upton, the 21-year-old Sports Illustrated cover-girl, admitted that the other cast members have been more supportive to her than those in the modeling industry.

"When I first started modeling, I didn't really have anybody that helped me find my path, gave me advice, and I thought that would be the same in acting, but it's not." the budding actress said. "Leslie and Cameron are people that I know I can call whenever I need help."

Watch the video above to see the stars at the film's U.K. premiere.

"The Other Woman" opens in theaters on Friday.

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