The ONE thing to know about your credit report

Steve Kroft and his team share tips with the average consumer: What to do if you think you have an error on your credit report

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Is there a mistake on your credit report? Do you know the ONE thing you should do to get your full credit history?

On the broadcast this week, Steve Kroft reported on the astounding number of Americans (40 million!) who have mistakes on their credit reports. "The problem is that it's not really within the power of the average person using this system to fix the mistakes," says Kroft. "You feel like you're up against this machine, and there's no way to break through."

Kroft and his producers, Michael Karzis and James Jacoby, spent about six months reporting on the credit report industry, so we asked the team to share some practical tips with viewers in this week's 60 Minutes Overtime feature. Before you buy any products from the three credit-reporting agencies -- Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax -- watch the above video.