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The New Space Race; Google Catches The Flu

It's the new space race: private industry. And there are a slew of startups and some major players all vying to tap into everything from interstellar mining to space tourism. Think of it as capitalism's final frontier. It's a story that's constantly evolving with new discoveries and launches from companies like Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, XCOR, Armadillo Aerospace and many others. But when will it be ready for prime time? Are trips to the moon just around the corner? And how long will it be solely the domain of the wealthy? This weekend on CBS Sunday Morning we'll provide a slice of this ongoing high-tech competition and see how it might inspire the next generation of space travelers.

Also worth noting this week -- Google has launched a new service called Google Flu Trends that aims to track flu outbreaks by monitoring Web searches. The information could be accessed by someone looking to see what's going on in their neighborhood or, perhaps more importantly, by organizations like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to compare against its own data. For more details just click here or on the official Google blog site.

More to come soon -- a rather busy week! In the meantime, stay connected.

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