The Money Issue

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No matter how you cut it these are difficult economic times for just about everyone. And in many ways that has raised our interest in matters pertaining to money.

This week, in its annual "Money Issue," CBS Sunday Morning will explore many different currents involving currency, including the state of wages in the United States. In this age of flat or diminished pay checks on Main Street and pumped-up Wall Street bonuses, correspondent Jim Axelrod, in this week's Cover Story, looks at whether or not America's middle class is being short-changed.

President Calvin Coolidge once said, "The business of America is business," and that is still true today. American entrepreneurship is alive and well, whether on city streets or in corporate board rooms.

correspondent Tracy Smith tells us about a former swimsuit model who has gone from the beach to the boardroom. Kathy Ireland is now the CEO of a company that makes more than a billion dollars a year. A model businesswoman if there ever was one!

The sweet smell of success is what the folks at Unilever, Gillette and Old Spice are taking in these days. Their men's shampoos, body washes and sprays have caught the attention of young males all across the country - and anyone within a few hundred feet of them. Correspondent Cynthia Bowers catches up with some middle-school boys for whom living a clean life means finding the perfect scent.

Recent troubles for Toyota, the world's largest car maker, are providing opportunities for their competitors, especially Hyundai. The Korean car manufacturer, which is looking to expand its foothold in the U.S., is now breaking through in a big way. As a result, correspondent Martha Teichner reports that more and more Americans are giving Hyundai a test drive.

Matt Griffin loves brownies but not their middles, so he and his wife cleaned out their savings account so he could create a baking company that serves up a rather quirky product: a three-edged brownie. Correspondent Bill Geist pays a visit to their very successful business which has them living on the edge.

These stories and more on a special edition of Sunday Morning, Sunday, Feb. 28 at 9:00 a.m. ET/PT.

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