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If you're interested in finding out more about Cuba or about Ernest Hemingway, there is plenty of information on the Web. We've gathered some of the best sites below:

Hemingway Links

The Papa Page: One of the most popular Hemingway sites, the Papa Page has everything from a picture album to a detailed biography.

Timeless Hemingway: Rare photos, a quote finder, and a Hemingway monthly trivia contest, all in a wonderfully organized layout.

International Hemingway Festival: Celebrating its third year, this international festival on Sanibel Island honors Papa's memory with writing contests, slideshows, and even a Hemingway kids' camp.

Hemingway Days Festival: Now in its 18th consecutive year, the Hemingway Days Festival celebrates the author's life and work with ten days of writers' workshops, Look-Alike contests and sporting challenges.

The Ernest Hemingway Home Page: A comprehensive collection of essays about the late author's work.

Ernest Hemingway Foundation: Emphasizing his Illinois origins, the Oak Park Foundation provides a detailed look at Hemingway's younger years and the landmarks he left behind.

The Hemingway Workbook:This site presents an encyclopedic look at the writer's life and work, with a copy of his Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

Hemingway Home and Museum: A wealth of information and pictures focusing on his later life in Key West, Florida.

Cuba Links

Republic of Cuba Home Page: Providing a wealth of country information, maps, networks, and links, this site should answer most of your Cuba questions. Obtaining information about Cuba on the Internet was difficult until CyberCuba blazed the trail. Everything from art to real estate can be found here.

Worker's World News Service: A news service devoted to the defense of socialist Cuba.

Cubaweb: The all-inclusive Cuba ortal contains the latest news, travel information, cultural events, and political issues.

Cuba Solidarity Website: This site devoted to Cuban nationalism has a wealth of information on health issues as well as background on the U.S. blockade.

Cuba Net: Presented in multiple languages, Cubanet is primarily a news site with a great archive of historic information.

Brothers to the Rescue: This site is produced by advocates of bringing democracy to Cuba. It provides a photo gallery, a series of news articles, and human rights information.

The Free Cuba Foundation: The foundation is devoted to the prospects of a free market and a limited government in Cuba.

The Cuban Information Archive: Provides source material about Cuban exiles and their struggles, with a wealth of information about contemporary Cuban events.

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