Killers frontman Brandon Flowers promises: No trashed hotel rooms


The lead singer of one of today's hottest rock groups has his reasons for not inconveniencing service industry employees.

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The Killers are among the biggest rock groups in the world, but they tell CBS' "Sunday Morning" they're not going to fall into the trash-the-hotel-room stereotype, because members of their families work in the service industry – and in the past, they have, too.

Brandon Flowers
The Killers perform at the Bottle Rock Napa Valley Music Festival, May 26, 2018, in Napa, Calif. Amy Harris/Invision/AP

"No hotel room. My mom cleaned hotel rooms," Killers lead singer Brandon Flowers told Kristine Johnson in an interview to be broadcast July 15. "I wouldn't trash a hotel room."

The Killers, best known for their hit song "Mr. Brightside," was formed in Las Vegas, and many of their family members work in the hospitality business. Indeed, drummer Ronnie Vannucci told Johnson his mother was a cocktail waitress at Caesars. Flowers also worked as food runner at a local restaurant.

"The service industry is a big part of this town," Flowers tells Johnson while giving a tour of Las Vegas. "And it's how a lot of our family make their living, still, yeah."

Service industry employees get a shout-out in the Killers' 2013 "Shot at the Night": 

The Killers - Shot At The Night by TheKillersVEVO on YouTube

Flowers talks with Johnson about the band's roots; the rejection they faced early on; their success; Flowers' Mormon faith; and coming to terms with the band's fame and the new celebrity circles he finds himself in these days, hanging with the likes of Elton John and Bono.

In fact, Flowers shares with Johnson how he turned to the lead singer of U2 for help breaking through writer's block: 

"Can I just name-drop him? I emailed Bono. And in the subject, I put: 'Have all the songs been written?' And then I poured my heart out about how I was in a slump. His answer was: 'Have All the Songs Been Written' is a fantastic song title!'"

Have All The Songs Been Written? by The Killers - Topic on YouTube

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