The Guru's New Year's Resolutions

(AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)
With you readers and my hard drive as my witnesses, I, your faithful How-to Travel Guru, do solemnly resolve the following for 2008:

1) I will not snarl, swear or otherwise be snotty to airport personnel, even when they act like idiots, are unhelpful, and give away my seat to other deserving travelers. Rather, I will be grateful that I don't have their job and their stress, and I will happily go on my way knowing that I don't have to come back the next day to face another angry mob of flight-delayed travelers.

2) I will take my kids to Washington, D.C. to view the nation's great museums. I'll probably do this after the elections, or at least the primaries, are over. Furthermore, I vow to visit at least one museum in every city to which I travel.

3) I will welcome a foreign traveler into my home at least once, feed them dinner, show them around my neighborhood, and otherwise be a good ambassador, because I know how wonderful having a local experience is when I travel.

4) I will drink no wine before it's time. But I'll drink a lot of wine and start to remember names of producers I like. I will never once say, "It shows off characteristics of lingering French oak, ashes and fresh Earth, with hints of bramble and blackberry." But I will say, "This is some good drinking wine."

5) I will enjoy and appreciate every last minute of my travels, because travel is a gift that creates lifelong memories.
Happy New Year! Travel well, travel with an open heart, and travel often.