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"The Early Show" Anchors Get to Know Each Other

The new "Early Show" anchors recently embarked on a six-day, 6,500-mile cross-country tour of the U.S., visiting CBS affiliates in San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston, Tampa and Raleigh.

Co-anchors Erica Hill, Chris Wragge, Marysol Castro and Jeff Glor shared their experiences from the road on their first day anchoring the show Monday morning.

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Glor said the four anchors got more out of the trip than they ever imagined.

Wragge agreed, saying, "It seemed on paper like it was going to be pretty tough, but we ended up having such a great time."

From eating fast food while dressed to the nines for interviews to sing-alongs in the car, the anchors said they made plenty of memories as each mile passed.

Marysol Castro said she enjoyed visiting Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego for a Chargers game.

She described the experience as "complete nirvana."

Wragge said the biggest highlight of the trip for him was appearing on "The Craig Ferguson Show."

He said, "It was a blast."

For Hill, the trip was a learning experience.

"I didn't know that Jeff (Glor) is actually Zoolander," she joked. "It's incredible, because if you look at every picture of him. He never stops (smiling the same way)."

Castro also learned a lot about her co-anchors from her time on the road.

She said, "You don't get to know people until you're are in a car with them."

But all the anchors said the trip helped them get to know each other better.

Hill said, "The trip definitely helped us bond -- maybe more than they ever imagined. They may regret the day they sent us on this trip."

Glor added, "This trip provided us with memories that will last us a lifetime."

Also, on "The Early Show" Monday, Hill, Wragge, Castro and Glor discussed their favorite moments from the road. Click on the video below to hear their stories and see their favorite photos.