The Drunken Old Guy

THE DRUNKEN OLD GUY....Our satellite shootdown went like clockwork last night, but questions remain about why we shot down the satellite. The Chinese, needless to say, aren't buying our story about concerns over the hydrazine fuel tank, and apparently they've chosen the following cryptic Confucius-esque phrase to spread the meme that there's more to this story than the U.S. is letting on:
The drunken old guy's mind isn't really on the wine.
According to China Hand over at American Footprints, "By Google's count, there are 24,300 hits for the Chinese-language search string, 'The drunken old guy's mind isnt really on wine + U.S. satellite.' That is either a sign of the celerity of the China blogosphere's hive mind or an indication of how quickly a meme can spread when the government controls the Internet, or both."

Just thought I'd pass this along for amusement value. Any Chinese language readers have anything to add about this?