The best locker room in the NFL?

You've just spent $770 million to buy an NFL team. What's next? If you're Shad Khan, you drop $3 million more in an unlikely place

A great 60 Minutes piece always seems to start with a great character. And that's certainly what correspondent Byron Pitts had this week in his profile of Shad Khan, the new owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Pakistani-born Khan arrived in this country at age 16 with $500 in his pocket. He went to college, built a wildly successful auto-parts empire, and last year at age 62, Khan paid $770 million to become an NFL team owner.

"This is the essence of what's great about America," Khan told 60 Minutes. "This is 1/32 of the NFL. Is that something really anybody can own? I'm a custodian, a steward for that."

Khan's story is certainly uplifting, but it's also a lesson in management skills. One of the keys to Khan's success seems to be his approach to employees-- whether those workers are on an auto parts assembly line or a pro football field.

For example, what's the first thing Khan did as new owner of the Jags? He remodeled the players' threadbare locker room to the tune of $3 million dollars.

"The players didn't know me," Khan explained. "I'd just shown up. This was a time really to make a statement. This is an investment that is solely for the players."

What makes this facility state-of-the-art (mood lighting, waterfalls, drying-racks for wet equipment) is interesting, but what's more interesting are Khan's reasons for the high-priced renovation.

In the above video, Khan explains that the $3 million locker room is part of the "emotional paycheck" that a good boss provides to employees. "It sets the expectations," says Khan. "I expect the best from you and I'm gonna provide the best for you."

What do you think? Considering the Jags' record, was the posh renovation worth it? Or a waste of money? And, come to think of it, when was the last time your boss wrote you an "emotional paycheck?"

[Additional footage courtesy Patrick Kavanagh Videographer/Producer Jacksonville Jaguars]