"The Apprentice" Goes to the Dogs

THE APPRENTICE -- Season:10 -- Pictured: (l-r) Stephanie C, James W, Gene F, David J, Wade H, Kelly S, Poppy C, Steuart M, Clint R, Anand V, Tyana A, Liza M, Nicole C, Brandy K, Alex D, Mahsa S -- Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC
Virginia Sherwood
The cast of "The Apprentice" on NBC.
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

NEW YORK (CBS) Unemployed lawyer James Weir was fired from "The Apprentice" Thursday night after his men's team, Octane, failed at the task of running a hotel and spa for dogs.

But in true "The Apprentice" fashion, the axing led to a new job with the state's attorney's office and in a show postscript, Weir said he wouldn't have gotten that job if he hadn't first run a spa for pets.

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Weir was unable to get his unruly crew to work as a team and made a crucial mistake in putting the dog spa's owner - who would later judge the two teams on their work - on hold while he finished up the planning. Teammate after teammate told host Donald Trump that Weir did not have the team's respect. And Trump acted on that information.

But in Weir's defense, salesman and entrepreneur David Johnson was out to sabotage their best efforts. "I am so fired up to actually lose this task so James can go home," Johnson confided to the camera.

In doing this, he may well have drawn an unwelcome spotlight on his own behavior. In a parting shot as he left the board room, Trump pointed out something that daughter Ivanka had previously mentioned: Johnson's faces, and eye-rolling and interruptions in the board room only served to bolster Weir's claims that Johnson was unmanageable.