"The Amazing Race": Tennis time in Mallorca

Goat farmers Josh, left, and Brent must successfully return 20 tennis balls in order to receive the next clue on "The Amazing Race," airing Dec. 2, 2012.

Sunday's episode of "The Amazing Race" began as an equalizer, putting all the teams on even footing for the last leg before the season finale.

Teams were told to fly from Amsterdam to Barcelona, where they would catch a ferry to the island of Mallorca. The twins got on the earliest flight with the Chippendales and Texans not far behind, but it didn't matter because their flights all got in before the ferry office opened.

When it did, they learned the earliest ferry left at 11 p.m. that evening, meaning that they'd all be on the same boat -- and that they all had time to go to the beach and relax for a bit.

Those three teams still didn't know the identity of the last team still in the race, and were all happy to see that it was the Beekmans, and not Abbie and Ryan. The Beekmans, in turn, were thrilled to see other teams, and that they were no longer at the back of the "Amazing Race" pack.

After arriving in Mallorca the next morning, teams traveled to the Dalt Murada, where they had to face devils and demons (men dressed up as them, and convincingly so) to find their next clue.

That clue directed them to drive off in stick shift cars to find Rafael Nadal's practice courts. It's here that we find out that Nadiya was in charge of learning to drive stick, and, well, she didn't. All the other teams sped off while their car lurched and screeched, slowly, down the road.

"Who wants to get smashed?" the Roadblock clue asked? One team member had to get on the court and return 20 balls in bounds from a machine firing them rapidly.

Trey of the Texas had tennis experience and finished the challenge on the first try. James had a bit more trouble, but it was poor Josh who struggled the most. Working on an injured ankle, he moaned and yelled as he hobbled around the court trying to hit the balls.

"He sounds like Monica Seles out there," Brent quipped from the sidelines.

Josh failed his first attempt and his second, then collapsed on the court. It was the arrival of the twins, who arrived last, that got him back on his feet to try again.

Teams then had to drive to the Coves de Campanet, where men playing guitars led them to their Detour: Spin It or Bull It. In Spin It, teams had to repair a 400-year-old windmill by attaching two giant blades to the wind tower. Bull It required visiting a bullfighting arena, donning a two-person bull costume and charging through a course in under two minutes.

Both the Chippendales and the Texans set off to become bulls, but James and Jaymes spot the windmills first and opt to do that instead.

"Working at Chippendales, we may have seen a construction outfit a time or two," Jaymes said.

The two of them finished the task in no time. The Beekmans, who know a thing or two about construction thanks to their farm, also sailed through. The twins struggled, and wondered how the "gimpy guys" could pass them so easily.

Lexie and Trey were the only team to try the bullfighting task. With Trey's head sticking out of the back of the costume, he directed Lexie as they correctly butted the eight matadors' capes but they crashed into the ninth and she sliced up her finger. After whimpering and wailing about the injury, she took the back of the bull and steered for the second try, and they finished with time to spare.

Teams were then directed to the Pit Stop, where host Phil Keoghan greeted them with an actor disguised as a headless man. The Texans came in first and won a trip to the Yucatan. The Chippendales came in second, the Beekmans third, and the twins arrived last.

Lucky for them, this was a non-elimination leg. They'll have a Speed Bump waiting for them, but they'll get to continue racing into the finale.

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