Teen arrested in videotaped beating of Phila. park ranger

Surveillance image of three suspects in the violent attack of a Philadelphia Park Ranger in Love Park.

CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia police have arrested one of three suspects in the videotaped beating of a city park ranger trying to enforce a no-skateboarding rule.

Police have not identified the 19-year-old, who they say is the skateboarder seen in the video stomping on the ranger in the city's Love Park on Friday evening. The altercation was recorded by an onlooker at the scene, reports CBS Philly.

The incident began when the ranger told the group of skateboarders that they could not skate in the park. According to the station, one of the teens refused to leave, taunting the ranger and eventually wrestling him to the ground. The video shows the suspect spitting on the officer and even stomping on his head.

The two other skaters also allegedly taunted the ranger, and one of them also videotapes the beating.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey called the attack "disgusting" and said the 19-year-old in custody is an example of the kind of street thugs officers have to deal with on a regular basis, the station reports.

"[The suspects] don't care, and if a cop takes this guy into custody and scratches him once, then it's police brutality," said Ramsey. "Look at what we're up against. These are the very people that we have to go out and deal with on a daily basis. They just simply do not care."

CBS Philly reports the ranger is recovering from head injuries but is said to be okay.

Ramsey also criticized those who stood idly by, watching and videotaping the attack. "Had the situation been reversed, and if it were them, I think they would hope that somebody would come to their assistance," he said.

Meanwhile, police are expecting another person involved in the incident to turn himself in, according to the station.