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​Tech trends to watch in 2015

Tech to expect in 2015 01:35

The top story to watch in 2015? Smart watches.

"The watch is going to have to be one part fashion accessory and one part indisposable piece of information equipment," says Lindsey Turrentine, editor-in-chief of

Apple Watch is set to launch in the spring, when it will go up against others of its ilk, including the Pebble Steel, Samsung Gear and the new Fitbit Surge.

But it's not just watches. Turrentine believes we'll be seeing more and more sensors showing up in places other than the wrist that will measure things like blood flow and UV exposure.

The cordless Dash earphones will play music while tracking your steps and your heart rate.

And biometrics will play a new role in security, as well. The Nymi armband uses your heart rate to make payments, while the Zwipe credit card has a built in fingerprint reader.

Samsung jumps headgear-first into virtual rea... 01:28

Home life will also keep getting smarter, says Turrentine. "This is going to be the year when you start hearing about other connected devices from garage doors to watering systems."

And finally, we should be seeing a lot more virtual in our reality.

As more content is created for virtual reality glasses such as the Oculus Rift, VR headsets could make their way into sports, travel and even the work place.

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