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Tech Geeks Join Crusade to Kill the Vuvuzela

Everyone is trying to kill the vuvuzela. Even nerds.

Poor vuvuzelas. It seems like everyone's trying to kill them.

First the fans and TV viewers complained about the noisy plastic horns responsible for the mosquito-like soundtrack during World Cup matches.

Special ear plugs were deployed at stadiums in South Africa.

Then sportswriters got testy and called for their demise.

Now tech nerds have come up with a way to silence the omnipresent buzz. is offering a video primer on how to filter the din during soccer broadcasts. Basically it involves adjusting your equalizer to muffle the vuvuzela frequencies.

"If you're watching the World Cup and you're tired of the vuvuzelas," intones a chillingly nerdy voice, "there's a quick and easy way to remove that with some audio software and four parametric EQs."

The EQ experts at then walk you through the steps to carry out the audial assassination.

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