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Target drops all Kindles, Amazon-branded products

Report says Target is dropping all Amazon- and Kindle-branded products. CBS/Amazon, Target

Updated 2:55 p.m. ET

(CBS News) Target, the box retail chain, will cease to carry all Amazon-branded products, including the popular Kindle readers.

According to The Verge, Target confirmed the retail giant will phase out all Amazon- and Kindle-branded products by spring 2012, due to a conflict of interest.

Here is Target's official statement on the matter:

Target continually evaluates its product assortment to deliver the best quality and prices for our guests. Target is phasing out Kindles and Amazon- and Kindle-branded products in the spring of 2012. We will continue to offer our guests a full assortment of ereaders [sic] and supporting accessories including the Nook.

It was rumored that all shipments of Kindles will end on May 13. As the tech blog GigaOm pointed out, Kindle products have already been pulled from Target's website. Third-party accessories are still available for purchase, however.

"Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder says the decision to stop selling Kindles this spring follows the chain's evaluation of the prices and quality of its merchandise," the Associated Press reports.

Previous speculation suggests that the split might have something to do with Apple mini-stores that are planned in Target stores.

An Amazon representative was not immediately available for comment.