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Meridian, Miss., and Bartlesville, Okla., and hundreds of other towns across the U.S. have enjoyed the arrival of the Artrain, which for 30 years has been traveling to any town that has railroad tracks.

It’s a rolling art exhibit, designed to bring art to communities that may not have a museum -- exhibits like "The Artistry of Space," composed of paintings from NASA’s art collection.

"I think that a lot of artists are inspired by space," says Bert Ulrich, the curator of NASA's art program. "There’s often the idea that there’s a connection between scientists and artists. Artists are given a real back-door view to what NASA’s all about. They’re often with the scientists or astronauts. Some actually get to witness launchings."

For people all over the United States who rarely get a chance to view original art, Artrain may be just the ticket.

For more information about the Artrain, go to its official Web site, where you also may check the current schedule of stops.