Syrian civilians seek refuge as bombings hit hospitals inside Idlib

Civilians seek refuge from bombings in Syria

Idlib, Syria — Syria's government has begun a new bombing campaign in one of the last remaining areas it does not control after more than eight years of civil war. In Idlib, the terror rains down from the sky.

Civilians have no defense against the Syrian regime and Russian airstrikes. A ceasefire was declared just a few days ago, but it was broken almost immediately and there have been airstrikes and shelling of civilian areas in the last 24 hours.  

As CBS News drove deep into Idlib, warnings came of regime jets overhead. Guide Hadi Al Abdullah, a journalist and activist, has documented how pro-regime forces have repeatedly hit hospitals, despite condemnation from the United Nations. He showed CBS News a medical clinic in the town of Hass that he said was attacked just hours earlier.

Hundreds of thousands have fled the bombing and taken shelter in a sprawling refugee camp. On its edge CBS News found Marwa Ahmad and her eight children, who left their home with nothing.

Marwa is pregnant and said she plans to give birth here on the dirt. She said she has nobody and there's no going back. There are approximately one million children in Idlib.

Life inside Idlib – Syria's last rebel stronghold