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Sync Microsoft Outlook Across Multiple PCs

It's an all-too-common scenario: You run Outlook on multiple PCs -- work, home, laptop or netbook -- but unless there's a server at your disposal, it's impossible to keep everything in sync.

Enter, which keeps all your Outlook data in sync across all your PCs. It also provides shared folders that are easily accessible from Windows Explorer. In short, it's a soup-to-nuts solution -- but not a free one. Check out the quick overview video before I hit you with the bad news: works in all modern versions of Windows (2000 and later) and supports virtually every version of Outlook (2000 and later, including the Outlook 2010 beta).

The Home Edition costs $149.90, which includes licenses for three PCs. If you have more machines and/or want more advanced features, Professional Edition costs $119.90 per PC.

That may seem like a lot, but it's a drop in the bucket compared with deploying an Exchange server -- which is usually what's required for this kind of functionality.

What's more, you can test-drive for 30 days, complete with technical support. That should help you determine if this is a good solution for your business. Much as I'm not wild about the price tag, I do think will fill a need for a lot of users.