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Suspect: Road rage shooting of girl, 4, was "total accident"

ALBUQUERQUE --The man accused of killing a four-year-old New Mexico girl in a road rage confrontation with her father described the incident as "a total accident" in newly-released video of his police interview obtained by CBS affiliate KRQE.

Police said Tony Torrez shot Lilly Garcia in the head Oct. 20 after an argument over a lane change on an Albuquerque highway escalated. Investigators say he chased the pickup truck driven by the girl's father and fired shots at the vehicle.

Detectives arrested the 32-year-old the next day after tips led them to his location.

In the interviews, a tearful Torrez describes the moments leading up to the shooting to investigators. Torrez said he was "in fear for his life" because Garcia's father was trying to run him off the road.

"I just pointed and shot, I didn't even like, look," Torrez said.

Afterwards, he said, he began to realize the potential consequences of his actions.

"I started thinking what if I shot somebody, I'm f***ed if somebody is hurt," said Torrez. "And then the little girl ends up f***ing dead, are you kidding me?"

When detectives tell him that he should expect consequences when he fires at a vehicle, he responds by saying, "I know, I'm a f***g idiot," and later says, "I'm going to rot in hell forever."

"There's no reason it should've happened, I know, I f***ed up," said Torrez.

He reportedly tells detectives to tell the girl's family that he's sorry.

"It was a total accident, I swear to God, I didn't mean for this to happen," said Torrez.

Torrez has since pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. His trial is set for October 2016.

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