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'Survivor' Tom Back At Firehouse

On Sunday night, Tom Westman was a reality TV star and the winner of a $1 million-dollar prize.

On Thursday morning, he was just another New York City fire lieutenant.

Westman returned to work at Ladder Company 108 in Brooklyn today, after winning the top prize in CBS's "Survivor: Palau." And, despite his instant fame after spending 30 days on an uninhabited island, he says he's just one of the guys.

He returned to the well-disguised admiration and good-natured ribbing of his colleagues.

As he puts it, "They don't suffer prima donnas too well in a New York City firehouse."

But Westman says his fellow firefighters were amused by the physical prowess he demonstrated on "Survivor."

He won more immunity challenges than any other contestant, and while his social skills might have earned him a spot in the final four, his physical prowess certainly helped him earn the title of "Sole Survivor."
Westman may be leaving the fire department soon. Not because of "Survivor," but because as a 20-year veteran, he's already earned a pension.

He says the show has opened up a lot of doors for a second career.

Despite winning one million dollars, Tom said that he planned to continue working with the New York City Fire Department, and once again true to his word, he has returned to work.

When Tom rejoined his ladder company, Harry Smith was there. Tune it to CBS' The Early Show for all the details.