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"Survivor: South Pacific" has two tribal councils

A delicate balance for "Survivor: South Pacific" competitors. CBS

(CBS) How long will Cochran last in "Survivor: South Pacific"?

Or in deference to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, should we rephrase that question: Is Cochran's goose cooked?

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That's the concern that arose Wednesday night as the former Upolu tribe continued to pick off members of its one-time rival, Savii.

Two of those members left in the opening moments of the episode with a three-way Redemption Island duel among the strongest members of the old Savii tribe - Keith, Jim and Ozzy. To no one's surprise, Ozzy won the board-balancing challenge; Jim and Keith became the first members of the jury.

Alone again on Redemption Island, Ozzy vows to hone his survival skills and become a fierce competitor when he re-enters the game. Did anyone else snicker as the scene ended with Ozzy in a "King of the Jungle" pose, poised atop a palm tree?

Back at the merged Te Tuna campfire, there is talk of a big move. Cochran, who would like to keep Dawn - and himself - competing a while longer, and Albert, who is looking ahead to when Upolu members must turn on one another, talk about uniting in a vote to get rid of Edna.

Albert has concluded that Coach will take Edna and Sophie to the finals and he wants to forestall that and shift the power away from Coach, who appears to be still (who would have guessed?) controlling the game.

They try to crack Coach's core group by approaching Sophie, but in the end Dawn is voted out. In a surprise twist promised earlier by host Jeff Probst, there is a second challenge - an island trivia contest - held at Tribal Council and a second elimination. As expected, Whitney joins Dawn on a trip to Redemption Island.

So is Cochran, the only Savii not on Redemption Island, the next one to go? Or, will Coach engineer a shift to reward Cochran for his double dealing when the two tribes first merged? It was Cochran's alliance with Upolu, you remember, that gave them the numbers to dominate the game.

Tell us what you think in the comments below, take our poll on who will win, watch next week's recap episode and return here for more commentary.

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