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"Survivor: South Pacific" doubles the drama

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(CBS) "Survivor: South Pacific " had a double Tribal Council Wednesday night, setting the stage for a wicked Redemption Island contest next week. (SPOILER ALERT)

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In the first immunity challenge - involving breaking coconuts and drinking their milk - Jim thwarts the former Upolu tribe's plan to oust him and wins immunity.

He comes up with a grandiose scheme to give his immunity necklace to Ozzy and to persuade the Upolus to turn on Cochran, who betrayed his Savii tribe. (After enduring belittling behavior from them for most of the game, Cochran cast his first post-merger vote with the opposing tribe.)

But Jim's plan turned out to be just talk. He kept the necklace and Ozzy was sent to join Keith on Redemption Island. Like Matt before him, Ozzy gets to be voted out twice in one game. How long do you think it will be before Jim joins him there?

Not very long, it turns out. After an eat-or-play challenge in which the entire Upolu tribe and Cochran sat out to snack on pastries and iced coffee, Whitney wins immunity. Notice the little drama when Jim falls off his perch? Brandon cheers and Jim gets snarky with host Jeff Probst. It looks as if Jim's social game is in tatters now.

At Tribal Council, Brandon turns brutal, vowing to take out the entire former Savii tribe, and Whitney turns tearful, claiming she's been vilified.

No commentary on this episode would be complete without mentioning the verbal onslaught Cochran endured from his former tribe mates at the start of the hour. Not even his self-proclaimed protector Brandon could rescue him from the verbal abuse.

So who will win next week Redemption Island challenge which pits three former allies against one another? Tell us in the comments below, take our poll on who will win the game, watch next week's episode and return here for more commentary.

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