"Survivor: One World" yields one for the record books

Colton takes part in slingshot challenge
CBS Photo
Colton takes part in slingshot challenge
CBS Photo

(CBS NEWS) For 24 seasons, the cardinal rule for pre-merger "Survivor" players was to avoid Tribal Council.

That ended in Wednesday night's episode of "Survivor: One World," when Colton persuaded the men's team to give its immunity idol to the women and go to Tribal Council to deal with what he saw as a serious problem. (SPOILER ALERT)

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It will undoubtedly go down as one of the craziest moments in "Survivor" history. Whether it is one of the dumbest remains to be seen.

It is, after all, not terribly different from "throwing" an immunity challenge to go to Tribal Council, something that has been done a few times in the past, with not very effective results.

What was even more shocking than the Tribal Council play was the way in which Colton has apparently seized control of the men's team. It seemed unthinkable when the season started just a few weeks ago.

But it was Colton's dislike of stand-up comic Bill that fueled the decision. Animosity between the two became even worse after Leif told Bill that Colton wanted him gone. Bill confronted Colton to talk it out, Colton refused to talk, which made Bill even more determined to get the grievances aired.

Colton - and the careful editing - made it seem as if Leif was destined for ouster because he told Bill he was in trouble but the impetus behind the decision to give up the immunity idol was always the desire to vote out Bill.

The discussion of Colton's dislike of Bill at Tribal Council did a lot to cement Colton's standing as one of the more provocative villains in "Survivor" history. The openly gay man from Alabama displayed a lot of elitism, class snobbery and - despite all his protests to the contrary - racism.

In pointed questioning from host Jeff Probst, Colton admitted there were no blacks in the schools he went to but insisted that he has had "African-Americans in my life." After sharper questionin he conceded he was referring to the housekeeper, whom he called a member of his family.

"A paid member," Probst pointed out.

In the end, Colton prevailed and Bill was gone.

Oh, and the women. We learned that they - especially outspoken Alicia - are not terribly good at puzzles.

What did you think? Will this go down as one the most bone-headed moves in "Survivor" history? Is Colton racist and can he keep his hold on the men's team? Share your thoughts in the comments below, take our poll on who will win and return here next week for more commentary.