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"Survivor:" J.T. Ejected After Tribes Merge

As plans backfired and trust was lost, J.T. fell victim to another classic Survivor blindside and was sent home on three votes.

In the immunity challenge, host Jeff Probst makes it clear that "tribal immunity is no more, individual immunity is what you seek."

The tribe members were asked to hold onto a pole with small inserts for their toes for as long as possible. Sandra and Colby were done right away, Russell and Rupert soon followed.

After an hour and half, Jerri climbed down. Candice was about to quit when questioned by Jeff, since she won this challenge in her season. Parvati and Danielle were left alone on the poles. They discussed who would come down first, but since Parvati already had an idol she decided to descend.

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This led the heroes team to suspect Parvati might actually have an idol. They all then decided to say they would vote for her, in hopes that she would use her idol at the tribal council, but in reality they would write down someone else's name.

Parvati played along and acted scared.

She shocked everyone at the tribal council when she showed off not one idol, but two. Furthermore, she chose to use neither for herself and instead gave them away to Sandra and Jerri.

Russell, who gave her one of the idols, was shocked and told Parvati she had "some explaining to do."

It was assumed by members of both tribes that Parvati was to be the target again on Thursday night's episode, since most people see her as a threat. Russell gave her the immunity idol he obtained through J.T. for the second time this season.

The move shocked J.T. since he couldn't imagine Russell doing anything untrustworthy. In J.T.'s eyes, Russell is "a solid guy" and incapable of betraying his allies. But as J.T. later learns, he "is a villain for a reason."

Although she's perceived as second in command to Russell, Parvati was the true mastermind behind J.T.'s send off. Her plan to keep the five remaining villains in tact was a success as she deceitfully held on to her two Immunity idols and got rid of them when the timing was right.

Next week, we'll see that Russell is on the brink of losing his female alliance, while Sandra builds a new one to get rid of him.