Super Wagers

Actresses Sharon Stone and Angelica Huston, left, co-host the annual Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, Monday, Dec.11, 2006.
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"I think the Giants will win by seven points,"New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani tells the CBS News Early Show.

Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley says he doesn't make predictions.

Well, sort of.

"The only prediction I'll make is that the Ravens will win that ball game," O'Malley says.

For Giuliani and O'Malley, "that ball game" is Super Bowl XXXV. And it's about much more than city pride. It's about crabs.

"We have a bushel of crabs ready because I didn't have to give it to (Oakland mayor) Jerry Brown," O'Malley says. Baltimore's Ravens beat the Oakland Raiders 16-3 in the AFC Championship to qualify for the big game.

Giuliani says he didn't have anything riding on the NFC championship game, in which the hometown New York Giants trounced Minnesota Vikings 41-0.

But the New York mayor says he's ready for a friendly wager with O'Malley. "I was thinking of betting a horse," Giuliani says.

"The boots I'm wearing I won from the mayor of Arlington," he added confidently, "when the Yankees beat the Texas Rangers in 1996."

Despite his swagger, New York's First Fan says he was surprised by the margin of the Giant's victory. "I thought they would win by a touchdown, maybe a field goal, maybe ten points," Giuliani says. "But to win 41-0, first of all, I never thought they would shut out the best offense in football."

And that's the key to a Giant victory in Tampa, according to the mayor.

"Two great defenses. Baltimore has probably the best defense in the league," Giuliani says. "The Giants are right up there and, I think, have a better offense."

O'Malley agrees - at least in part.

"There's no doubt in my mind," he says, "the defense will run all over that so-called offense from New York."

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