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Stephen Colbert talks live post-Super Bowl "Late Show"

“The Late Show” host, writer and executive producer Stephen Colbert is preparing for a special live edition of his show after Super Bowl 50
Stephen Colbert talks Donald Trump, Super Bowl "Late Show" 10:09

As the host of the first late night series to air after the Super Bowl, Stephen Colbert and his team are gearing up for a special live edition of "The Late Show" this Sunday.

Among his star-studded line-up of guests are Tina Fey, Will Ferrell, Key & Peele, Margot Robbie and Megyn Kelly -- "the only person on the planet who scares Donald Trump," according to Colbert.

"It's our Trump repellent," Colbert joked Thursday on "CBS This Morning."

Colbert, who rose to fame first as a correspondent for "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" then as host for his Emmy-winning show, "The Colbert Report," said a lot of the show will be dedicated to talking about Super Bowl 50, but it will also depend on what his guests want to discuss.

Denver vs. Charlotte: Battle of Super Bowl 50 hometowns 07:00

"The game ends and 20 minutes later we do the show, so we've got 20 minutes to write an hour show, Gayle. Can it be done? They said it couldn't be done," Colbert said.

But his team did run a trial, Colbert shared, and "it seems to be possible to do."

Asked whether he's a Super Bowl buff, Colbert said, "I enjoy food. I enjoy fried things. I enjoy dips."

But he did play football for a day as a high schooler in South Carolina.

"My friends were on the football team and my senior year of high school they said, 'Hey man, you're funny, why won't you come out for the team? You'll be fun on the road trips.' Well I didn't realize just how hard they'd hit," Colbert recalled.

On the first day of scrimmage, his coach told one of his friends, who had the weightlifting record in school, "You see that cornerback over there? I want you to kill him. There are no friends on the football field." The friend in turn apologized to Colbert and said, "I'm sorry man, I have to kill you."

"And he picked me up, crunched me on the ground. And at the end of the day I said, 'Coach, I don't think it's my game.' And he goes, "I don't think it is Colbert.' ... I focused on theater from then on," Colbert said.

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