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Two types of Suave aerosol deodorant recalled due to elevated benzene levels

Unilever is voluntarily recalling two types of Suave 24-Hour Protection Aerosol Antiperspirant after an internal review showed slightly elevated benzene levels in some samples, the company said this week. The benzene, which is a human carcinogen, came from the propellant that sprays the deodorant out of the can, the company said — though it noted that benzene exposure from the levels detected in the product "would not be expected to cause adverse health consequences."

The two impacted products are the Suave 24-Hour Protection Aerosol Antiperspirant Powder in the 4 and 6 oz. sizes, and the 6 oz. Suave 24-Hour Protection Aerosol Antiperspirant Fresh. The recall covers all products with an expiration date through September 2023.

The company said exposure to benzene can cause leukemia, blood cancer and blood disorders — but noted that people can be exposed to benzene on a daily basis.

A photo of the products involved in the recall.  Unilever

"Based on an independent health hazard evaluation, daily exposure to benzene in the recalled products at the levels detected in testing would not be expected to cause adverse health consequences," the company said. Nevertheless, the company cautioned consumers to stop using products that are covered under the recall.

The product line was discontinued in October 2021 for unrelated reasons, and was in "limited distribution" at retail stores and online, the company said.

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