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Stewart/Colbert Rally: On Target or Overkill?

Looking ahead to their rally on the National Mall, "60 Minutes" rewinds our profiles of two of America's most influential comedians: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Anyone who can stay up past 11:00 pm knows that the late-night television landscape has long since been transformed by the Comedy Central shows of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. (And those who can't stay up just watch them online the next morning.) Few comedians are better at exposing any manner of hypocrisy than Stewart. And Colbert makes his points equally as clear through his character, a conservative political pundit. Now, their one-two punch is hitting the road, with a combined rally scheduled for October 30 at the National Mall in Washington, DC.

See photos from the rally

For this week's "Rewind," we're looking back at how "60 Minutes" has covered these two comedians over the years, as they prepare to tackle a whole new stage.

Tell us what you think. Are Stewart and Colbert on point with the rally idea, or are they in danger of taking the joke a step too far?